Since 1999, Discover Texas has been available as an ebook on CD-ROM. Literally thousands of homeschool families have joined in the adventure!

Technological advances now make it possible for you to download Discover Texas conveniently and immediately as an online course. Just in time, too, as more and more computers do not come equipped with a disk drive. By publishing Discover Texas completely online, we can assure that it will run smoothly on any computer you own and that you'll always have access to the most up-to-date version.

This version of the course is published as ten monthly interactive volumes that you can run from your online classroom. Each volume focuses on a specific era of Texas history:

  • Volume I - Geography & Indian Cultures
  • Volume II - Explorers
  • Volume III - Missions & Colonies
  • Volume IV - Texas as a Nation
  • Volume V - Texas in the Civil War
  • Volume VI - Statehood & Constitution
  • Volume VII - Cavalry & Indians
  • Volume VIII - Ranches, Cotton & Oil
  • Volume IX - Texas Today/Famous Texans
  • Volume X - My Place in History

One more thing...

When you purchased Discover Texas Online, you set up an online classroom and designated a personal password.

For security reasons, you are the only one who can see these aspects of your account.

Please take a moment now to write down the link address and your chosen password! :)

You'll need this information to preview lessons and find the available print-outs for each volume. Your student will also need this info to access the online portion of the program. Human nature being what it is...well, let's just say I know I always have to write things like this down somewhere. ;)

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